Saturday, July 16, 2011

Turbo Snake

Turbo Snake - Saluran air anda sering mampet.......??? Dengan teknologi turbo snake akan membuat saluran air anda menjadi lancar.
Turbo Snake ini seperti ular jadi bisa mengikuti saluran air anda, dan ujungnya bisa membersihkan saluran anda yang mampet ( seperti rambut tersumbat, dll ).

HARGA : Rp. 175.000,-

Overview :

1) Plumbers Quality Sink Snake

2) The fast and effective way to clear slow-moving or blocked drains!

3) With this amazing product, you can wave goodbye to unwanted hair clogging up your bathroom drain and watch the water escape freely and quickly once again

4) The innovative design makes it so easy to use, simply glide Turbo Snake down the drain, twirl then pull out. Simple!

5) The specially designed head grabs and locks on to hair to clear the drain instantly

6) The flexible design easily maneuvers down the drain doing all the hard work for you – there's no need to remove the drain stopper

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