Saturday, July 9, 2011

DVR 1 channel with Micro SD

DVR 1 channel with Micro SD - S-DVR ini bisa memakai memory Micro Card ( max 16 GB ) sangat cocok di pakai untuk di mobil, atau di bawa kemana2. bisa langsung ke televisi rumah atau televisi mobil.

HARGA : Rp.850.000,-


1) DC 12V adapter

2) One video in, one video out

3) Timetable adjustable supported

4) Work with special PC software, convenient and friendly to user

5) Apply advanced ARM + DSP HW technology, combined with Hi-class compression technology

6) Support TF card of max 16GB


1) TV format: NTSC/PAL

2) Video in (CVBS): 1 channel

3) Video out (CVBS): 1 channel

4) Resolution: 352 x 288 (CIF)

5) Manual language: English

6) Storage card: TF card

7) Power: DC 12V (>500mA)

8) Size: 84 x 78 x 25mm

9) Weight: 106g

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