Friday, July 8, 2011

Baterai Super Rechargeable Li-ion for CCTV

Baterai Super Rechargeable Li-ion for CCTV, Baterai rechargeable Li-ion kapasitas 3000mAh 12 Volt, baterai ini sangat cocok di pakai untuk Camera CCTV, Video sender, dan lain-lain.
Kalau baterai sudah habis maka bisa di cas pake adaptor ( include ).

HARGA : Rp.300.000,-


1) It is specially designed for powering the system device which use 12V DC power. You can use this battery to power our monitor, wireless transmitter, CCTV camera, LED products and so on. Various circuit protection functions, to ensure the safety and stability of item, such as protection from overcharge, over discharge, over heat

2) Technical parameters:

* Input voltage: 12.6VDC;

* Out voltage: 12VDC 3000mAh

* Product size: 8.2x3.9x2.1cm

* Weight: 187g

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