Thursday, July 12, 2012

Metal Detector Merk Garrett

Metal Detector Merk Garrett - Metal Detector sangat di perlukan untuk keamanan gedung, pabrik, bandara udara/laut dan perkantoran. Metal Detector ini sangat sensitif sekali apabila ada benda mengandung logam. Metal Detector ini akan mengeluarkan bunyi atau LED ( bisa di silence ).

HARGA : Rp. 850.000
Kode : P-M12


Handheld metal detector
1) Ultra-high sensitivity:
2) this equipment can detect tiny metal,such as razor-chip.

1) Automatically initializing at start-up;

2) The products can make different sounds when detect different types of metals ,which help to find the target objectives wanted quickly

3) Low power alarming function:when the battery voltage is low ,there will be buzzer sound rings all the time to prompt to replacement batterry

1) Detection sensitivity: diameter 2.0mm stell ball
2) Power supply: 9V fold battery(6F22ND)
3) Operation frequency: 93KHz Audio
4) Power consumption: 260mW
5) Current: 50mA.typica
6) Operation temperature: -10°C to 50°C
7) Net weight: 345g
8) Dimension: 420x83x41mm

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: User Manual

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