Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mini Air Humidifier

Mini Air Humidifier - kegunaan untuk melembab kan udara(bagi yg biasa di ac),untuk aroma terapi..dll. Cara kegunaan diisi air(bisa ditambah aroma terapi)
Bisa di pakai di mobil adan di rumah.

HARGA : Rp. 350.000,-

Overview :
  • New style, healthy, convenient, mini size and portable design.
  • Automatic low water level warning function.
  • Prevent dryness in air condition and improve the air quality indoor.
  • Enable the air in the car to be refreshing.
  • Come with a holder which can make the machine work stably in the car.
  • Ideal for home and car use.

Product Details (including package):
  • weight:471 g
  • size:20.5*17.8*10 cm

Pack including:
  • 1 × New Style Mini Air Humidifier for Home and Car Use
  • 1 × USB Cable
  • 1 × Car Adaptor

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