Monday, May 17, 2010

CCTV High Resolution (H.R) Made Taiwan

Camera ini memiliki high resolusi sehingga tanpa sangat jelas gambarnya seperti DVD original, sangat berbeda dengan camera yang lain (CMOS[Paling rendah],CCD [bagus],H.R CCD [ super bagus ] )

Harga : Rp 1.400.000,-

1/3" Sony CCD Color 24 IR LED Camera

Integrate 4 technologies of electronics, mechanism, optics and software, and we are proud to announce the presence of our innovative IRpro camera series with all the confidence that these new product series will guide you to a new level of security surveillance.

Smart Light Control (Dynamic adjustment for clear and accurate Image):
Compared with conventional IR cameras to only use "CDS" sensor for controlling IR LED activation, these IR camera series also use "MCU" and "Image Comparison software" to adjust the brightness of the IR LEDs, which greatly enhances the accuracy of the image. Even the object is very near the camera can be seen very clearly and without overexposure. The exclusive MCU design effectively enhances LED control and LED life while the total cost is also reduced.

Patent Mechanical IR Filter shift design (to get true color and clear images):
Daytime (True Color): True color is presented for these IR camera series to receive the same visible light as human beings can see. At night (Clear Image): IR Filter is automatically shifted away for the CCD to receive Infrared light passing through the lens providing clear and better images. Besides, the sensor sensitivity and brightness are raised up compared with traditional IR cameras because of the usage of the large aperture lens.

Large Aperture Lens:
Large Amount of Light Passing Through Lens: Equipped with large aperture (F1.4) lenses, the amount of light passing through the lens for these IR camera series are more than other normal cameras in the market. Lower Power Consumption and Longer LED Life: Because the light passing through the lens is large, IR LEDs do not need to be always on for night surveillance. This is not only reducing the power consumption, but also extending the IR LED life of the camera.

IR Effective Distance Over 20 Meters:
This camera series are designed to have different LED illuminated angles based on different aperture lenses.

Optimal IR Heat Treatment Solution

Always Stay In Focus Design

IP67 Dust and Moisture Protection for Outdoor Appplication

Line Lock Function to Avoid Color Rolling Effect (AVM157l)



Pick up Element

1/3" Color CCD image sensor

Number of Pixel

510(H) x 492(V) / 500(H) x 582(V)


Standard TV lines

Min. Illumination

0.25Lux / F1.4


24 Units

Effective Range

Over 20 meters

S/N Ratio

More than 48dB (AGC off)

Electronic Shutter

1/60 (1/50) to 1/100,000 sec.


f 4.0mm / f 6.0mm / f 8.0mm
F-number F1.4

Lens Angle

80° /56° / 42 °

D&N Filter Control

Built-in IR Shifter

Line Lock

NO Yes

Iris Mode


White Balance


Video Output

1.0Vp-p composite, 75Ω

Water Resistance


Power Source

DC12V AC100 ~ 240V ± 10%

Power Consumption

Max. 5W Max. 400mA

Dimension (mm)

112 (L) × 82 (W) × 75 (H)

Net Weight

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